For Jim and Suzanne Lynn Cheesman, running a digital media company like Triangle Media is a natural fit. With Jim’s three decades of experience as a writer, editor and digital content producer in the newspaper industry, he knows how to tell stories in clear, compelling ways.  Add that to Suzanne’s 25-plus years in radio, both on the air and in sales and marketing, they really know how to make a guest and their product shine! They know that creating relatable content that isn’t salesy is the key to great relationship marketing.

Suzanne’s experience in just about every area of radio has helped her transition into a multimedia personality. She approaches interviews with guests very much like a radio or TV interview, always considering what the viewers want to see and know, how this is interesting for them and how can we make their life better by knowing the guest on this show? When you focus on what’s truly best for the consumer, everybody ends up winning. Contact Suzanne
Jim has been a writer and editor for newspapers around the country and even recorded and produced video interviews with multiple presidential candidates! (Talk about pressure!) Whether Jim is showcasing a home being sold online through amazing digital imagery, or interviewing a President … the same theory applies. Create content that makes viewers stop scrolling to see that product or person! Contact Jim

Our Team

Jim and Suzanne have put together a team of experienced media professionals who are instrumental in completing high-quality projects on time and at an affordable price.

Jennifer Winborn
Production Coordinator

Sam Lee
Content Producer

Clara Winborn
Visual Art Specialist

Kathryn McClatchy
Social Media Manager
Gia Parker

Gia Parker
Assistant Social Media Specialist

Colleen LaRose Director of Marketing and Sales