In the old days, authors had to rely on publishers to get their books noticed. Today, author promotion companies give authors control over their marketing and business.

The digital era has completely transformed author marketing. No longer do authors have to jump through countless hoops to get recognized. With strategic marketing, authors can now take charge over their promotions.

Countless forms of marketing from social media to content marketing give authors a leg up on old fashioned marketing. Digital marketing makes author marketing endeavors accessible and affordable.

Forming Genuine Connections

It’s easier now more than ever for authors to connect with their potential audience. Author promotion companies can now leverage the digital space to get your word out.

The advantage of digital marketing is that you can form real connections with your audience. From social media posts to personable content, you can show your true side to your readers.

No longer does it take weeks to get a bland ad out for viewers to ignore. Today, you can launch multiple advertising campaigns within the blink of an eye.

Here’s the deal:

Traditional marketing is becoming outdated. People are getting tired of the same old ads that simply beg for money. The new form of marketing is all about creating connections.

We’re one of the few author promotion companies that give you a platform to truly share your passions. We get you in front of audiences so you can share where you’re coming from. We help you share your personality and dedication to your craft.

Through our expertise in the entertainment and publishing industry, we help you share your books to the world. Using professional interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers, we get your voice out.

Author Promotion Companies That Leverage the Digital Age

Traditional publishers are stuck in their ways. Furthermore, they take massive chunks out of your revenue. Now, you can keep ownership over your books while still getting the recognition you deserve.

Modern author promotion companies give you a way to launch your career as an esteemed author. Saving costs and headaches, we provide digital marketing that cuts through the background noise of countless ads.

Our 55+ years of combined experience in radio, marketing, and production make you stand out amongst the rest. Our founders, Jim and Suzanne Lynn Cheesman, bring their decades of experience together to help you reach your goals.

Decades of Experience by Your Side

Jim and Suzanne have spent decades building skills essential to modern author promotion companies. In fact, Suzanne has spent over 25 years in the radio industry.

In radio, Suzanne has been both on-air as well as in the marketing side of the business. Therefore, she brings an unbeatable skillset to the table.

Suzanne uses her hosting experience to create interviews that answer questions your potential audience has. Moreover, she leads conversation effortlessly while keeping the interview fun and engaging.

Even more:

Jim brings another 30 years of experience in newspaper production, recording, and writing to the table. With more than three decades in multiple areas of the newspaper business, Jim creates products that meet the standards of mainstream media.

Your interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers come with graphic elements, clear and crisp audio, plus seamless editing. This unmatched polish gives your marketing and brand professional tier quality.

Providing You with Professional Interviews, Podcasts, and Voiceovers

Only revolutionary author promotion companies give you as many options as we do. Our author promotion suite gives you marketing materials that set you apart from the rest.

Professional Author Interviews

Author interviews are an excellent way to get your word out. They allow you to talk about yourself and your books with the credibility of an outsider’s point of view.

We help you bring up topics and questions that viewers have, while keeping an engaging conversation. You get to share the challenges you’ve overcome as well as your enthusiasm, showing your potential readers the level of commitment you’ve put into your career.

 And here’s the best part:

We do the hard part for you. We cover all of the production so you can simply show up to a video call, have a conversation, and leave with a valuable tool for marketing. Additionally, if you have any questions, topics, or a specific style of interview you’d prefer, we’ll make it happen.

Personable Podcasts

Podcasts are in a boom right now so it’s the perfect time to take advantage of their traction. In our podcasts we have a relaxed conversation with you about your career. Suzanne expertly guides the conversation towards topics that potential readers would want to hear.

Podcasts build trust with potential readers because they get to hear you in an unscripted, authentic format. To them it feels like they’re sitting right at the table listening to the conversation.

Furthermore, our podcasts come with an accompanying blog post. This blog post helps your podcast get picked up on search engines, magnifying your reach online. Our podcasts are a fan favorite for those who find interviews too formal or stressful.

Professional Voiceovers

Suzanne’s experience on-air gives her the ability to effortlessly create expert voiceovers. Whether you’re creating an ad for the internet, TV, or radio, Suzanne’s voiceovers give your marketing polish and expertise.

You’re the Star of the Show

No matter what service you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to create the perfect product for you. Depending on your needs, you can bring us your own topics and questions, or we can come up with our own. What matters is that you get a product that you’re proud of.

After the work is done, you’ll also get 100% ownership of your product. We’ll then deliver your product to you through Dropbox or as an MP4 depending on your preference.

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