Here at Triangle Media we offer a range of author promotion services to get your book discovered. We know that publishing a book is hard, and marketing it is even harder. That’s why we’re here to help!

We leave the writing to you and take over the part that’s out of your wheelhouse. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand or drive book sales, we have what you need.

Getting Eyes on You and Your Book

You spend tireless days and nights creating your works. Let us handle the marketing aspect of your craft. Our author promotion services get you and your books in the spotlight.

Our method of promotion is about quality and connection. We produce professional-tier quality interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers with you to get your name out.

What’s unique about our services is that they’re meant to build intrigue and authenticity. We give you a platform to share your passions and story with potential readers. One on one interviews and podcasts give you a chance to speak your mind through productive conversation.

When your audience hears you speak about what drives you, they form a connection with you. Once this bond is formed, it’s easier to convince them to give your books a shot. It makes an impact when you share how much you care about your craft as well as what makes your books one of a kind.

Bringing 55 Years of Experience to Our Author Promotion Services

Our founders, Jim and Suzanne Lynn Cheesman, have an accumulated 55 years of experience to bring to you. With Suzanne’s 25 years in the radio space and Jim’s 30+ years in the newspaper industry, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

The Triangle Media Team provides you with all the tools you need to build your brand. And even more, we do all the hard work for you. From editing and graphic design, to production and coming up with questions, all you have to do is show up and be yourself.

Bringing Decades of Experience to You

When it comes to hosting, Suzanne has mastered the art. She’s been on air as well as in the sales and marketing end of the radio business. Through her experience, Suzanne will naturally and charismatically conduct interviews and podcasts with you.

During sessions, Suzanne directs the conversation towards you, your books, and what audiences want to hear. She’s experienced in keeping the conversation on subject while giving you room to share your story.

Through her sales and marketing experience, Suzanne also helps exaggerate your books’ unique selling points. Her questions and conversation are aimed at driving interest, sales, and relatability.

And even more:

Jim’s experience in the radio space will bring top-tier quality to your content. With more than three decades in newspaper production, recording, and writing, Jim knows what it takes to create a polished production.

Your interview, podcast, or voiceover will match the quality of works seen on TV. This will further build your brand’s image and reputation, making you stand out among the rest.

Providing Unmatched Interviews, Podcasts, and Voiceovers

The most important part of our author promotion services is creating a genuine connection between you and your audience. Our interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers do this with ease.

Professional Author Interviews

Our professional author interviews give you a chance to share what matters most to you. They build trust and authenticity through a structured one on one conversation.

We bring an outside point of view to the discussion that helps share questions potential readers may have. Furthermore, we give you a chance to speak about your writing career in a way that doesn’t sound like boasting.

Suzanne’s hosting experience is a perfect match for these interviews. She’s able to form questions and direct conversation in a way akin to TV interviews.

Our interviews are done over a video call, giving you convenience and a sense of comfort. To add a professional finish, we add graphic elements, professional editing, and premium production.

We also allow you to choose the style of interview. We can make the interview like a news reporter interview, or a laid-back discussion depending on your needs.

Personable Podcasts

Podcasts are another excellent part of our author promotion services. Podcasts are doing tremendous right now, so it’s the perfect time to use them to get your name out.

One of the best aspects of podcasts is their sense of authenticity. They’re more laid back, so there’s less pressure and you really get to speak your mind. Furthermore, podcasts are great at forming a connection with listeners because they feel like they’re sitting right in on the conversation.

Our hosting experience gives us the ability to lead the conversation towards matters that audiences want to hear. Listeners will enjoy getting to hear you speak candidly about your writing career and your works.

We also provide blog posts with our podcasts to attract listeners from online. This brings in another source for people to find you and your works.

Professional Voiceovers

Suzanne’s work as a radio host brings a professional touch to any ads you may be working on. We provide expert voiceovers for your ads, whether they’re for online ads or commercials on TV.

Putting You First

Whatever service you choose, we make sure your requirements come first. Whether you want us to lead with our own questions, or you want us to discuss certain topics, we’ll make it happen. Our aim is to provide you with exceptional service that fits your needs.

When all’s said and done, we provide you with 100% ownership of the content we create with you. We’ll deliver your product through Dropbox or as an MP4 depending on your preference.

Schedule a Free Consultation!

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