What’s the most difficult task when it comes to book marketing for self-published authors? Is it figuring out which methods are most affordable? Or maybe it’s trying to figure out which avenues are fruitful in the first place.

Whatever it is, we’re here to lend a hand. We recognize you’re not a marketer, you’re an author. That’s why we’re here to help you with the hard part: convincing strangers to give your book a chance.

Making the First Connection

You’ve put your passion, creativity, and tireless days and nights toward your book. Now it’s time to get your book into the hands of excited readers. Our book marketing for self-published authors is about building a connection between you and these potential readers.

You see:

The best way to get a stranger interested in your book is to make them interested in you as a person. When they hear your enthusiasm, it’ll pique their intrigue. From there on, it’ll be easy for them to want to learn more about your book.

What we do is give you an outlet to speak to your audience. We help you share why your book would be perfect for them. And don’t worry, we help you all along the way.

We provide author interviews and podcasts as well as voiceovers for advertisements. During our interviews and podcasts we’ll work as a team to inform readers about you and your book.

Taking Out the Hard Part of Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

With over 55 years of combined experience in radio, marketing, and production, our founders Jim and Suzanne Lynn Cheesman are here to help.

At Triangle Media we provide professional quality interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers to get your book discovered.

And even more:

We do the hard part for you. We do all the planning, design, production, editing, and even social media consulting for you. With experience in radio, newspaper, and writing, we have the experience to make book marketing for self-published authors a breeze.

Decades of Experience at On Your Side

Suzanne and Jim have been in the publishing space for decades. For instance, Suzanne has been in the radio business for 25 years.

She’s been on-air as well as part of the sales and marketing team for radio businesses. During this period, she’s proven time and time again to be an expert at what she does.

During interviews and podcasts, Suzanne uses her experience to focus on what audiences want to hear. She’s an expert at leading conversations while also sharing the spotlight with you.

Moreover, Suzanne’s charisma and liveliness make interviews and podcasts fun and natural. And when it comes to voiceovers, Suzanne brings energy and high-quality recordings to your brand.

And here’s the thing:

You’ve got another 30 years of experience in newspaper production, recording, and writing on your side. Jim’s spent over three decades in newspaper production, recording, and writing for newspapers across the country.

He ensures your interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers come with all the elements of a professional production. Whether it’s graphics, crisp audio quality, or seamless editing, your recordings will match the highest standards in the market.

Providing Professional Interviews, Podcasts, and Voiceovers

The core of book marketing for self-published authors is conveying your persona to your audience. What’s a better way to build a connection with viewers than speaking directly to them?

Professional Author Interviews

Our author interviews are a prime way to get your word out. Interviews allow you to speak your message in a way that conveys reputability and trust.

Having a host that asks you questions about your book and career gives you a podium to speak about yourself. Furthermore, our interviews provide an outsider’s look on your work.

We keep the work easy, as our interviews are over a video call. To keep our polished production, we add graphic elements and editing. This makes our interviews on par with author interviews you find on TV.

Through our broad range of experience, we also provide interviews of all types. Per your request, we can make the interview akin to a press interview, or we can keep it casual and less structured.

Personable Podcasts

Another form of our book marketing for self-published authors is through podcasts. Right now, podcasts are in a boom, which makes them a highly valuable form of promotion.

During the podcast, we have a laid-back conversation about you and your works. We can talk about your career, what inspired you to start writing, as well as what your book is about.

Our podcasts even come with a blog post which helps attract listeners online. It’s the perfect way to market you and your book while keeping a laid back tone.

Podcasts are especially helpful for those who might get stage fright or feel pressured in an interview. We simply have a conversation, which also builds a genuine connection with listeners. Listeners get to feel like they’re right at home listening to you speak about what matters most to you.

Professional Voiceovers

Finally, we provide professional voiceovers for whatever promotional features you have in mind. Suzanne’s experience hosting on-air creates a professional element to your brand.

Whether your ad is online or for TV, our voiceovers add a touch of premium quality for your marketing.

Putting You First

For your interview, podcast, or voiceover, know that you decide how it goes. We can handle all the questions and topics, or you can bring them to us. What matters is that you get professional service that fits your needs.

When all’s said and done, we provide you with 100% ownership of the content we create with you. We’ll deliver your product through Dropbox or as an MP4 depending on your preference.

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