Traditional publishing companies have an entire book marketing services team on deck. So how can you compete with such an industry?

Well, with digital marketing we’re all on a more even playing field. All it takes is some ingenuity, know-how, and passion to make your book successful.

We’re here to help get your book out there, and we have the expertise to do so. We’ll handle all the heavy lifting while letting you do the fun parts of book marketing.

Building Bonds with Potential Readers

The thing about our book marketing services is that they’re based on forming real connections with your audience. You see, that’s the trick to getting readers intrigued in your book. Once they see your enthusiasm and dedication you put towards your book, they’ll see it’s worth giving a shot.

Just think about it:

Your audience needs to have a reason to check out your book. There are so many books to read, and so many other ways your audience could spend their time. That’s why you need to go the extra mile.

Our book marketing services are designed to give you a platform. We get you and your personality in front of your potential audience. Through our services you can share your insights, motivations, and challenges you came across while writing your book.

Through our expertise in hosting interviews and podcasts, we help you share your book to the world. All you have to do is show up for the interview or podcast, and we handle the rest. Additionally, we also provide you with professional voiceovers for any ads you have in mind.

Bringing You Book Marketing Services for the Digital Age

In order to get known in the digital space, you need to make your voice stand above the rest. Through our book marketing services you’ll accomplish just that.

With over 55 years of combined experience in radio, marketing, and production, our founders Jim and Suzanne Lynn Cheesman will make you stand out. All of our expertise is brought together into our services, giving your marketing unparalleled professionalism.

When it comes to the heavy lifting, we take your project and run at full speed. Our interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers come with professional planning, design, production, editing, and even social media consulting.

Working with Decades of Experience in the Industry

Suzanne and Jim have been in the arena for decades. For starters, Suzanne’s spent over 25 years in the radio business.

During her time in radio, she’s been both on-air as well as on the marketing side of the industry. Therefore, she has what it takes to make an interview that truly answers questions audiences have about your book.

Additionally, during interviews and podcasts Suzanne leads conversation effortlessly. Her natural charisma keeps the conversation fun and engaging.

What’s more:

Jim brings another 30 years of experience in newspaper production, recording, and writing to your side. With over three decades in all aspects of the newspaper business, Jim brings unmatched production to your book marketing services.

Your interviews, podcasts, and voiceovers are guaranteed to live up to the publishing industry’s standards of polish. Through graphic elements, clear and crisp audio, and seamless editing, your products will cut through the noise of the digital marketing space.

Using Professional Interviews, Podcasts, and Voiceovers to Market Your Book

Our book marketing services will get your word out in an authentic way. Make yourself really stand out with our services.

Professional Author Interviews

Author interviews are an outstanding way to get the word out about your book. They convey trust and professionalism. Having someone ask about your book makes it sound like you’re not just bragging about your work.

Our outsider’s look at your book also allows us to bring up topics you might not realize audiences are curious about. Whether these questions are about your writing process or your book’s characters, we dive into what really matters to audiences.

And here’s the kicker:

We bring all our expertise to the table. We cover all of the production elements so you can just show up, have a conversation, and get a polished product. However, if you have any questions you’d like us to ask we’re happy to work with you. Moreover, we can do various styles of interviews for you ranging from a press interview to a friendly chat.

Personable Podcasts

If an interview sounds too formal for you, we also provide professionally produced podcasts. Podcasts are blowing up at the moment, so now’s the perfect time to leverage their popularity.

Podcasts are excellent because they’re natural and feel like a friendly conversation. This authenticity helps build a bond between you and your audience.

We simply have a conversation about you and your book. This makes your audience feel like they’re right at the table with you talking about the things you care about.

Furthermore, our podcasts even come with an accompanying blog post, helping increase your presence online. Podcasts are a fan favorite for those who are looking for a more laid-back form of promotion.

Professional Voiceovers

Our third book marketing service is our one of a kind voiceovers. Suzanne’s experience hosting on-air brings your advertisements an unrivaled level of quality. Whether you need an ad for TV, online, or on the radio, Suzanne adds premium quality to your marketing.

The Focus is on You

You’re the star of the show so your interview, podcast, or voiceover is fully customizable. We can handle all the questions or topics, or you can bring your own to us. What matters is that you get a professional service that fits your needs.

At the end of the day you’ll get 100% ownership of your content. We’ll deliver your product through Dropbox or as an MP4 depending on your needs.

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