Your e-book – you have devoted thousands of hours into your creation, and now it’s time to get your ebook promoted!  As an ebook author, you benefit from the fact that the overflow of smart-phone and tablet usage is spawning an ever-increasing number of digital readers.  The other side of the coin, however, is the fact that the digital marketplace for literary works is, indeed, crowded.

Competition is fierce in any popular marketplace, and e-books are no exception.  This means one thing:  without a proper and powerful ebook promotion campaign, nobody will download your book, much less see it – enter Triangle Media!

Your ebook promotion, through Triangle Media, would embrace a very collaborative, planned approach that would interweave online visibility and traditional media outreach along with a multitude of publicity and promotional strategies.

Our seasoned media team places one word above all others when it comes to ebook promotion:  discoverability!  Discoverability revolves around visibility and the premise that consumers will become clearly aware of your e-book and, ultimately, desire to purchase it.

Triangle Media’s mission is to utilize results-proven promotion tactics, including branding, that allow an author’s e-book to be the one, not just one among many.  When ebook promotion succeeds in turning heads and winning hearts, audience engagement is radically enhanced and e-book sales follow – our team will help you achieve that!

We Offer Exceptional Expertise

At Triangle Media, we specialize in video and audio services.  Our expertise covers an extensive array of media experiences and diverse talents including:

  • three decades of professional writing, editing, and curating digital content in the newspaper industry – including the recording and producing of video interviews with various presidential candidates
  • more than 25 years of experience in radio – on the air and in sales and marketing
  • a seasoned team including our Production Coordinator, Content Producer, and Social Media Specialist who ensure high-quality projects are ready on time, at an affordable price

We Offer Diversified Services

Through video interviews, you glean coveted exposure which plays a vital role with promoting your e-book and, ultimately, stimulating its sales volume.  Our video interviews are enticing, genuine, and illuminating.

Honest, transparent conversation revolving around your ebook will grab viewers’ attention and heighten their interest to learn more about how your ebook will, positively, impact them.  Your video interview with Triangle Media can be posted on your social-media sites, your website, or sent to news agencies.  This type of exposure for ebook promotion is worth its weight in gold!

Through our podcasts, your audience can enjoy the convenience of immediate information concerning your ebook, on-demand – when your audience wants it and where they want it.

Voiceovers – That Dynamic Dimension

Voice Overs used in audio books, including downloadable e-books, masterfully draw readers into the essence of the story, creating dynamic auditory (and visual!) experiences.  Voice actor, Suzanne Lynn – co-manager of Triangle Media – offers her exceptional talent that is sought by world-famous names including Coca-Cola, Pottery Barn, Dove Soap and many other globally-recognized brands!

Suzanne remains a chosen voiceover professional for clients all over the world who may require a phone-messaging system or a TV or radio spot.  Suzanne’s expertise connects brands to consumers regionally, nationally, and globally.

Audiobooks and ebooks have become extremely popular, and Suzanne would capture and incorporate the elements of pause, volume, tone, pacing, timing, articulation, and more into your ebook, with spellbinding delivery!

Accept Our ‘Special Offer for Authors’ – It’s Free!

We, at Triangle Media, encourage you to take advantage of our free promotional offer that is, only, a few clicks, away.  On the homepage of our website – – you will find a red tab entitled, SPECIAL OFFER FOR AUTHORS.  Here, you can take full advantage of valuable insight, resources, and directives that can help you forge ahead with promoting your e-book in ways you may never have considered.

You can learn more about our Book Promotion Package for Authors called, Give My Book Wings.  Our Book Promotion Package for Authors includes:

Video Interview w/Guaranteed Views – Your 8-minute video, conducted remotely by professional host, Suzanne Lynn, can be posted wherever you choose – Amazon, your social-media sites, your website, etc.

Triangle Media will post your video on YouTube where we guarantee at least 3,000 views with a link for your ebook purchase as well as an analytics report to indicate who’s watching your video, and more.

Radio Exposure – Suzanne runs a weekly radio show with a coverage area of a half-million people in Central Florida.  The audio version of your ebook-promotion interview would be streamed online, around the world!

Book Reviews – You will benefit from a professional review, within 45 days, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, GoodReads, Kobo, and Alibris.

Social Media – You will benefit from Tweets and Instagram posts to more than 60,000 followers of popular literary websites.

Media Kit – Our Media Kit includes press release information and other vital information regarding distribution to journalists, podcast hosts, bloggers, and others who can assist with marketing your ebook!

Your E-book Promotion Begins Here!

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