So, you have decided it’s time to promote your book – the one you have poured your heart and soul into.  If one were to sum up, in only a few words, what it would take to successfully promote your book, those words would be:  a highly-targeted niche approach.

Part of that approach means that you, as an author, must offer the very real impression that you are highly credible and that your book is equally credible and offers, exactly, what your audience yearns for.  This is where Triangle Media comes in – we make the difference between a book remaining obscure vs one that generates chatter among its growing foundation of followers.

At Triangle Media, our talents combine with our passion to promote self-published books through a plethora of marketing strategies that are results-driven and results-proven.  Through Triangle Media, your book will reach your audience in ways you, probably, never would have imagined!

Our diversely-gifted media professionals serve as promotional allies for authors who are ready to place their literary creations into the spotlight!  We connect authors and their books with their intended audiences, thereby, generating enhanced popularity and boosted sales.

All the Elements Come Together

It takes key ingredients and precise, calculated steps to craft a perfect chocolate souffle.  The same holds true with the strategies required to, fruitfully, promote your book which would include 1) nurturing your brand and credibility as an author 2) optimizing social-media visibility/increasing your online presence 3) harnessing the power of podcasts, video interviews, and voiceovers 4) acquiring book reviews 5) maximizing distribution channels, and more!

When all the elements of promoting your book come together, your book will emerge from the ‘Land of the Unknown’!

Talents, Techniques, and Technologies

At Triangle Media, our talents, techniques, and technologies combine to offer:

  • three decades of professional writing, editing, and curating digital content in the newspaper industry – including the recording and producing of video interviews with various presidential candidates
  • more than 25 years of experience in radio – on the air and in sales and marketing
  • a seasoned team including our Production Coordinator, Content Producer, and Social Media Specialist who ensure high-quality projects are ready on time, at an affordable price
  • intriguing video interviews that garner critically-needed exposure to promote your book. Here, your audience enjoys a taste of your book’s flavor.  Your video interview can be posted on your social-media sites, your website, or sent to news agencies.
  • turn-key podcasts that allow your audience to learn more about your book – when and where they want to! Genuine, extemporaneous dialogue and a podcast Q&A session means you and your book can truly enlighten and excite your audience!

Will your self-published book be an e-book or an audiobook?  Suzanne Lynn, co-manager of Triangle Media, offers her talent extraordinaire as a voiceover professional.  Her voice-actor talents are sought by world-renowned names including Coca-Cola, Pottery Barn, Dove Soap and many other globally-recognized brands.

Clients all over the world who may require a phone-messaging system or a TV or radio spot utilize Suzanne’s expressive expertise which connects brands to consumers regionally, nationally, and globally.

We Have a Special Offer for You!

We encourage you to visit the home page of our website – – where you will find a red tab entitled, SPECIAL OFFER FOR AUTHORS.  Learn more about our Book Promotion Package for Authors called, Give My Book Wings.  You will find invaluable insight, resources, and directives designed to promote your book in a variety of innovative and compelling ways.  Our Book Promotion Package for Authors includes:

Video Interview w/Guaranteed Views – Your 8-minute video, conducted remotely by professional host, Suzanne Lynn, can be posted wherever you choose – Amazon, your social-media sites, your website, etc.

Triangle Media will post your video on YouTube where we guarantee at least 3,000 views with a link for your book’s purchase as well as an analytics report to indicate who’s watching your video, and more.

Radio Exposure – Suzanne runs a weekly radio show with a coverage area of a half-million people in Central Florida.  The audio interview used to promote your book would be streamed online, around the world!

Book Reviews – Reap the rewards from a professional review, within 45 days, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Goodreads, Kobo, and Alibris.

Social Media – Benefit from Tweets and Instagram posts to more than 60,000 followers of popular literary websites.

Media Kit – Our Media Kit includes press release information and other vital insight regarding distribution to journalists, podcast hosts, bloggers, and others who can provide that extra dimension to your book-promotion campaign.

Triangle Media has a plethora of resources and connections that can open doors to, maximally, promote your book.  If you are ready, so are we – let’s do this!

Your Free Consultation is Waiting!

Call our team at (352) 508-5442 to schedule a free consultation.  You can, also:

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